Chimney Cleaning and Restoration Services

A chimney sweep specialist is someone who removes soot and ash from chimneys, reducing the risk of fires. The chimney draws air up over the open coals or firewood causing a draught which pulls in fresh air and pushes out the smoke. There are usually several ways that this air can get into your home; some is through the chimney crevices, vents and openings. If the supply of air is blocked then the fire will not burn properly.


As the fire is burning, smoke can fill the entire room and is very difficult to remove. The fire also leaves dangerous fumes and smoke, which must be removed from the home. It is advisable to have your chimney cleaned and inspected once a year by a qualified chimney sweep. The chimney sweep uses specialist equipment to clean the chimney effectively and efficiently.


Chimney cleaning and chimney sweeping logs are often confused. The main difference is the type of chimney cleaner. In the past the creosote that built up around the base of the flu was frequently removed by the chimney sweeping logs. However the introduction of the smoke stack cleaner has changed this. With the new cleaner the creosote is removed and the roof is left open for airflow. Chimney cleaning and chimney sweeping logs are the same thing; it is the process of removing the creosote from the chimney which has changed.


Chimney cleaning and sweepings are not a DIY job. Chimney cleaning and sweeping companies are highly trained specialists who provide a comprehensive and professional service. They remove all the creosote and other debris safely and completely. Whether you have an electric fireplace or a wood fireplace a professional chimney sweeping company will safely and properly remove all the debris. If you have an open fire place you should always call in a professional chimney cleaner. The cost can be quite expensive, but remember the safety of your home is priceless.


Having your chimney cleaned regularly is the best prevention against creosote buildup. It doesn’t matter if you have a wood burning fireplace or an electric fireplace you still need to have your chimney serviced and cleared at least once a year. Electric fires need to be serviced more often, while wood burning fires need to be serviced every three months. Wood burning fires work well with a thorough cleaning and sweep on a regular basis. The work well with a professional company is the level of cleaning the fireplace that is performed and how much effort they put into their work.


A professional chimney cleaner knows how to clean the fireplace to ensure it is safe to use each time. A thorough cleaning of any fireplace is only the first step of chimney safety. The next step is making sure the chimney is clear to allow the clean to take place. Most chimney inspections are done by the state or federal government, as they are responsible for regulating the cleanliness of chimneys and other types of heating units. This makes it important to work with a reputable and qualified professional cleaning company.


Since chimney fires have been known to cause house fires the need to have a clean fireplace has increased over the years. The risk of having a chimney fire is increased by the fact that it is usually not cleaned before a fire is started. A clean and smooth chimney helps to reduce the risk of chimney fires significantly. The cleanings are also very important when it comes to reducing creosote build up which can happen with the buildup of creosote and other items in the chimney. A professional chimney sweeps company will make sure that all of these problems are taken care of.


If you choose to clean the inside of your fireplace, you may also want to consider the option of having the outside of the unit cleaned as well. Creosote can build up on the outside of your wood-burning fireplace and will be much more difficult to remove. A professional chimney cleaner has the experience and equipment to safely remove this substance from the outside of the unit. They also have the skill and knowledge to use the right cleaning products to effectively get rid of creosote without any damage to your home. A thorough cleaning will also help to prevent the formation of black soot and carbon monoxide inside your home. Regular cleaning will also help to promote the long life of your chimney as creosote tends to deteriorate after time.

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